Mommsenstraße, 27 . 10629 Berlin - GERMANY
Direction: Robert Bogatec -

"Seeing beyond: x-rays, works 2000 – 2009"
re-propose a consistent portion of the great exhibition devoted to Renato Meneghetti held by the City of Rome at the Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Venezia and contemporaneously at three different exhibition spaces, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, under the auspices of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and the Polo Museale Romano. This exhibition is a beacon of inexhaustible research, an endeavour to go ever further, ever beyond, not only by means of the x-ray however, but through thought. Meneghetti's research explores themes of great relevance to the present day, worked out through four installations where the public plays an interactive role, a carefully prepared event, which will appear as one huge installation, within which historic and recent x-ray paintings will also be exhibited. Furthermore, Meneghetti has composed the music; the near hypnotic sounds will lead the spectators to a state of high emotional responsiveness where visual perception could almost be defined as visionary.

"…In this manner the eye can see what normally it cannot read…"

exhibition's plan