Technological Architecture for a contemporary reappraisal of the classic play on volumes, fullness and emptiness, light and shadow. Two profiles of human memory lend their form to the foliage of a centuries-old oak: mechanics becomes nature and nature becomes mechanics; it is time for the spirit of Beuys to return and plant the oaks of Kassel. The anterior and posterior facades, transferred and placed side by side in mirror-like fashion form a diapason of human resemblance: for an improbable yet possible harmony between man and nature. Man - machine – nature a possible trilogy in this technological era. Two threeliths make up this installation of megalithic inspiration which is not astrologically orientated; being devoted to the cult of sustainable progress it is not laid out as a circle it is laid out as a cube. A cromlech or menhir to technological perfection.

2003 - Powerful monoliths in rusted iron chemically obtained, controlled and blocked.
Dimensions of about 280 x 130 x 230 cm.